Resumes are vital for getting your foot in the door. Pay close attention to the job posting. Some companies will screen out resumes if they are looking for a certain format. If you create a combination resume and they are looking for a chronological resume, it could potentially be put aside even though you are completely qualifies for the job. It shows the employers how well you paid attention to the posting. Take keys words out of the job posting and tailor your resume accordingly. For example if one of the key competencies is “leadership and work well with others” If you have very little work experience, draw on your university career. Did you work on a group project? Did you get along well? Were the lead in the group? Make sure when you do list that you have the skills to demonstrate how you have those skills. Do not just list them. Give concrete examples on how you have those skills.

There are different types of ways you can tailor your resume

This list your  jobs you had over the years. It is a good choice for people that have had many different positions and you can see a natural progression where they are going and headed.

This showcases a person's skills and abilities and puts their job experience to the bottom. Great format for people who don't have a lot of work experience but have the necessary skills employers are looking for.

Here are two samples for a resume:
Depending on the company and the job you can choose between a classic rather conservative resume or a more creatively designed one. Keep in mind should you apply for jobs with the government, it might be better to choose the classic version. However for a start-up or smaller company the creative version could work better to stand out. It is very important to tailor your resume to the company and job you are apply to, content as well as layout!
Sample 2 provides you with some more tips on what to put into a resume. (Please click on images to see full page)

Sample 1: Classic Resume

Sample 2: More creative resume

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