Find your own internship

Look for your own internship!

Find companies you would like to work with and see if they are hiring interns. Do not be afraid to call them and ask. Employers like enthusiastic people who are interested in their company. Remember to get the names of people you have contacted. If they tell you to call back at a certain time you have their name handy and can speak to them directly.

Here is the criteria for an internship:
  1. Paid. If you are looking for an unpaid internship please speak to your internship adivsor.
  2. Anywhere in the world! Look abroad traveling to another country and gain on the job experience is a fantastic way to explore new countries and gain valuable skills after graduation.
  3. Length 4, 8, 12 or 16 month internships
You can also send a list of companies you are interested to work for to Janine ( to check if SIP already has a relationship with these companies. Possibly Janine can also reach out to these companies to present SIP and hopefully generate an internship position. 
In any case you can use the following websites to look for internships. For more information look up the Student FAQ.