Follow up

After applying for a job posting you can follow up with the employer after 2 weeks from when the posting went down.

Sometimes employers are quite busy as there may be multiple postings so do not panic if you do not hear about getting an interview right away.

If there is a name on the posting follow up with that particular person. You can phone or email, which ever you feel comfortable. Phone is a nice person touch but email the employer can look at his or her leisure and not feel rushed and be able to properly respond and not feel rushed.

State your full name that you have on your resume that you applied for an internship through SciWorks (or how you applied) and just wanting to follow up with the status of the posting.

DO NOT ask for an interview. Employers do not like pushy people and that will be a sure way not to get the internship.

If you do not get an interview, don't panic. There are many more jobs out there and the right one will come up. Key is to not give up and keep trying.

Don't be afraid for feedback. When you call and they say you didn't get the job interview, be polite as possible and ask if there was any feedback they would be able to provide. The may give specific advice or be general. Whatever the case, thank you employer for the advice and move on. Ask a friend or family member to look over your resume to see if there might be anything you are missing.

Talk to your internship advisor and ask for feedback. Advisors are more than happy to assist as they want to see you succeed.